Google to pay out US$150-200m over YouTube privacy Asserts


GOOGLE will cover US$150-200 million to settle allegations YouTube violated a children’s privacy legislation when collecting data to better target its adverts, US media reports said on Friday.

The US Federal Trade Commission agreed that the sum of the settlement against YouTube parent Google, that, if accepted by the Justice Department, are the largest settlement in a situation involving children’s solitude, ” The New York Times reported.

The allegations from YouTube were made with privacy groups that said the platform had violated laws protecting children’s privacy by gathering data on consumers under the age of 13 without getting consent from parents, Politico reported.

The FTC is expected to announce its decision on the settlement in September, The New York Times explained.

US authorities have long argued Google fails to protect kids from harmful content and data collection on its own YouTube platform.

Advocacy band The Center for Digital Democracy said in a statement that the proposed compensation would be”dangerously low” awarded Google’s size and revenue, and called on the FTC to”enjoin Google from committing further violations” of children’s privacy law.

Google remains the money-making motor for parent firm Alphabet, with the majority of its earnings coming from electronic advertisements, which accounted for US$116 billion of the US$136 billion the Silicon Valley-based firm took in last year.

Fellow US technology giant Facebook recently settled a listing US$5 billion nice using the US Federal Trade Commission for misusing users’ private data. AFP