$4,500: IT Graduates in Singapore Expect This Salary (Poll Data)

Wage expectations in information technology area have been increasing year by year. IT students wish to earn approximately 4,500 dollars a month (according to a survey by Universum company). These students are more demanding in terms of expected remuneration than those studying engineering science and business (like company registration).

It’s interesting that more than a half of the students would like to begin their professional path at an international firm. In public sector, declining in positions was observed, which is associated with students’ unawareness about it and presumed high level of competition.

Similar to recent years, the students appreciated work-life equilibrium, as they chose this goal as number one in their career. Security and stability in job ranked second.

The surveyed indicated social media channels as the most significant sources of information about potential employers. However, students studying engineering & natural sciences reported that career fairs were the most informative for them.

Google again ranked first in the list of ideal employers.